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Friends of anti-bush activist tell him to "shut the fuck up already!"

Friends of Jason Preston finally had enough and finally told him to shut the fuck up about politics and how George Bush is ruining this country.

"Look, I get it", said Rachel Lee, one of Jason's best friends, "I don't like George Bush either, but just stop being all up in my face about it all god-damn day, ya know?"

Preston, who can often be seen out in the Campus square handing out political materials never misses a chance to rag on the Bush administration and to engage complete strangers in intense political debate.

"It was getting absurd", said roomate Mark Jonas, "if he found out someone was a Republican he'd just go off on them without hesitation. Just last week I was flirting hardcore with this chick at a houseparty and we were talking about Brazillian bikini waxes. She mentioned that she's never gotten one since she likes bush, and before I could even ask another question, Jason popped in with his in-your-face anti-bush rhetoric bullshit."

Jason's room can only be described as a shrine to his hatred for George W. Posters drape the walls that call President Bush a "Liar". Also prominently displayed are old west style "Wanted" posters featuring picturs of President Bush.

Jason, however, remains un-apologetic.

"Look, I realize that some people think I'm an asshole but I don't care. We have some ass-clown in Washington ruining our country and someone has to do something about it. People shouldn't be out in bars chasing women, they should help me chase out these horrible leaders from Washington."

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