Homeless woman accidentally throws out wrong garbage bag

In a modern day tragedy, a homeless woman named Estelle Henston accidentally threw out all of her worldly possessions while taking out the trash. Homeless individuals often keep their worldy items in makeshift drawers, otherwise known as black plastic garbage bags.

"It was just a regular Tuesday morning", said Henston late Wednesday from a Best Buy parking lot, "I found some breakfast and went to go take the trash out. It might have been the moonshine from the night before, but for whatever reason, I accidentally brought my garbage bags that have all my clothes and toiletries to the side of the curb by mistake."

Some of the cherished items accidenally tossed out were a bag of buttons, 2 pairs of shoes with holes in them, 3 trench coats, 6 Bill Cosby-style sweaters, a 1998 issue of People magazine, a toothbrush, and a Rush Hour 3 DVD.

Jim Noonan, a local homeless man, was un-sympathetic. "Look", said Noonan, "I've been homeless for as many years as I have teeth. And in all my 3 years of living on the streets, rule #1 is that trash goes in white garbage bags and clothes and toiletries go in black garbage bags. It was a rookie mistake and I hope she learned her lesson."

There is a silver lining, however. A local supermarket has volunteered to give Ms. Henston a new shopping cart along with a $400 gift certificate. Let's just hope that Ms. Henston remembers to buy black and white garbage bags this time.



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