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nInterview Tip #21: Don't turn off your cellphone!

A job interview can be a very scary experience, and the ability to handle yourself under pressure can be the difference between getting the job and begging for change on the street. That's why you should approach a job interview like a Ninja. Instead of sitting there and answering questions like an idiot, why not take control of the situation and show your potential employer that you have the minerals to stay cool under pressure.

For example: Most people turn off their cell-phones during job interviews out of fear that it might go off. This signifies weakness. Instead, use the cellphone to your advantage like so -- If you have an interview scheduled for 11:30 in the morning, keep your cellphone on with the ringer at the maximum volume. Tell a buddy of yours to call you at 11:40. When the phone rings, you can now handle this "surprise" interruption with ease. First, politely apologize to the interviewer as you silence your ringer. Second, make light of the situation with a sarcastic comment such as, "Well at least we weren't discussing anything important!". The interviewer will appreciate your sense of humor and will take note of the way you calmly and cooly handled what for most people would have been an extremely nerve racking situation.


Why call at 11:40? By 11:40, most of the standard interview pleasentries will have already been discussed and it is more likely that the 'meat' of the interview is already underway. Calling too soon might undermine the entire operation.

What ringer should I use? It's up to you, but try and think outside the box. Remember, this is a job interview, be creative!


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