20 year old cheats his way to 58 second Keg Stand, becomes party hero

Ann Arbor, MI - Mike Thorsen, 20, inadvertantly stumbled into party stardom last Saturday night at a local house party.

"I was just standing around talkin to my friends," said Thorsen, "and the next thing you know I start hearing chants of 'KEG STAND! KEG STAND!"

Curious, Thorsen moved to the back of the house and saw a line forming behind the keg. Thorsen jumped in, and when his turn came up, he drank out of the tap for 58 seconds straight, setting a new record.

Or did he?

"It was crazy man, these guys lifted me up from behind and I started chuggin'. But 3 seconds into it, the tap fell out of my mouth and got caught on my shirt. The beer was running down my shirt and I actually didn't even get a real sip."

But the crowd, in a drunken frenzy, didn't notice the slip and kept on chanting.

"It was wild man, I look to my right and I see tiki torches and all these people pumping their fists and counting off.. 'EIGHT! NINE! TEN!'... I was going to stop but it was just too intense and I got caught up in the moment. When I finally finished, complete strangers were coming up to me and congratulating me. One guy was like "HOW THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT?!!".. I just looked at him and said "Shit man, I've been drinkin beer ever since I was a sperm swimmin around in my daddy's sack."

Though Thorsen initially thought of letting people know he cheated, the accolades proved to much to give up.

"This one chick Jessica was so hot. She was all over me so I told her that I could last all night, just like my Keg Stand." This would prove to be Thorsen's second lie of the night.

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