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Obama accused of taking cab ride with Muslim

Washington D.C. - With the Presidential election just days away, a new scandal threatens to derail Barak Obama's chances for the presidency. Reports recently came out stating that Barack Obama might have talked, unknowingly, to a Muslim cab driver sometime in 2006. This startling revelation might be just the thing John McCain and Sarah Palin need to steal away votes from the presidential frontrunner.

On his popular Fox program "The O'Reilly Factor", Bill O'Reilly had this to say: "Look, we don't know much about Mr. Obama, but we do know that he once was in a cab with a Muslim taxi cab driver. Where was he going and why did he choose to travel in a taxi-cab driven by a man of the Islamic faith? I can only imagine what they talked about, so I have this to say to you Mr. Obama. Come clean SIR -- You have a duty to the American public to explain yourself."


What Obama hailing the cab might have looked like.


This scandal is the last thing Obama needs in light of all the recent controversey surrounding his campaign. If you recall, it was revealed last week that Obama used to root for the L.A. Lakers in the 1980's, a team that featured Kareem Abdul Jabbar, an admitted Muslim. So as the political race continues to heat up, Obama shouldn't be surprised if he finds himself on the hot seat and in the political crosshairs of his political opponents. Lastly, and in a developing story, Obama was recently spotted using a Foreman grill. As you might already be aware of, the foreman grill is advertised by former boxing heavyweight champ George Foreman, a sucessful boxer who once fought Muhammed Ali, another noted Muslim figure.

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