With the NFL season already done and over with, the New England Patriots are once again the center of attention as a new Spygate scandal has been uncovered. In a shocking revelation, the investigation into Patriots spying activities will expand to include not only the New England coaching staff, but the players as well. Earlier today, reliable sources within the Patriots organization confirmed that throughout the season, illegal video tapes of other teams playing football were not only made available to the New England coaching staff, but to each and every member of the football team.

These "Game Tapes", as they're called, allowed the Patriots to witness first-hand many of the plays run by their opponents. Every Monday morning, a tape of the previous Sunday's games would arrive at Foxboro under lock and key. Throughout the week, players and coaches would study these 'game tapes' to better learn about their next opponent. Players across the NFL expressed their surprise and disgust at the news.

LaDainian Tomlinson, whose San Diego Chargers lost to the Patriots, was outraged. "I'm not surprised one bit. Even though I didn't play in that playoff game, I could tell through my visor that something was a little bit off. Every time we ran the ball, the Patriots tried to tackle us. Every time we threw the ball, they tried to intercept it. The fact that they had first-hand knowledge of our game plan, that we wanted to not only rush the ball, but pass it as well... well that just calls into question their entire season." This sentiment was echoed by Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry - "I'm outraged! I never watch game film, so when I heard about this my jaw dropped. I damn near dropped my gat."

In cahoots with the Patriots are many of the major news networks. NBC, ESPN, and Fox have all been named as co-conspirators as a result of filming football games and making them available to the general public. It goes without saying that by watching their opponents play football games, the Patriots were able to better understand their opponent's strengths and weakness'. A sneaky move, to be sure, but not surprising coming from coaching genius Bill Belichick, a noted football strategist and hooded sweatshirt connoisseur.

As news of this story broke at the Pro Bowl this past Sunday, players weren't hesitant to voice their opinions. Always willing to talk, Cowboys wideout Terrell Owens had some choice words for the media as he munched on some Pop Secret popcorn. "This is not about Bill", said Owens with tears streaming down from behind his sunglasses as his voice trembled with emotion. "You guys can point the finger at him, you can talk about the family vacation he took last March, and if you do that, it's really unfair." Calls to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady went unanswered, presumably because he was having sex with his hot girlfriend. Eli Manning, however, got back to us immediately, but he didn't have anything interesting to add to the story.

As this story continues to break, it's sad to say that many of the Patriots great accomplishments will now be tarnished and diminished in the history books. Many will call them cheaters who were willing to do whatever it took to get to the top, and if that involved watching tapes of other teams playing Football on Sunday afternoons, then all be damned. And with reports surfacing that Randy Moss often attempted to outrun defensive backs and outmaneuver them via onfield trickery, this once proud dynasty will have a lot of questions to answer.

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