Presidential Sex Slang

George Washington - A virgin, i.e a first timer.

"Has she slept around a lot?"

"Nah dude, she's a George Washington"


Thomas Jefferson - A tramp who's only worth 5 bucks.

"Dude, she's nasty, a total Thomas Jefferson."


Lyndon B. Johnson, a.k.a LBJ - Slang for a penis.


Bill Clinton - Smoking a cigar after it's been placed down south on a woman. The "Bill Clinton" is the only maneuver actually invented by the President it's named after.


The Abraham Lincoln - A sexual act where one of the parties wears a top hat.


Herbert Hoover - A woman adept at giving oral sex. "She's a keeper man, a total Herbert Hoover."


The Grover Cleveland - Having sex with a woman on 2 non-consecutive occassions. For example, if you hook up with a girl in September and in July, and have had sex in the interim, then that girl is known as a "Grover Cleveland." Many Grover Clevelands tend to be Thomas Jeffersons.


Richard Nixon - Refers to when a man is caught with a Prostitute. Often times, the man will exclaim "I am not a crook!"


Ronald Regan - Sex that is so good you forget where you are.

"He's so boring, but a total Ronald Regan in the sack."


Jimmy Carter - A cheap date.

"Think you'll get lucky tonight?"

"Yeah, she's a Jimmy Carter, toss her a few peanuts and she'll be all over the LBJ."


William H. Taft - A person who has sex with a fat woman, a.k.a. a 'dragon slayer', or the act of having sex in a bathtub.


Martin Van Buren - Anal Sex.

"My girlfriend still doesn't want to try the Martin Van Buren."


F.D.R - Having sex with someone in a wheelchair, not to be confused with the "Lt. Dan."


Warren G. Harding - Getting so drunk that you sleep with a Thomas Jefferson and give her the MartinVan Buren.


Mildred Filmore - Kissing a woman's kneecap.

"I totally gave her the Mildred Filmore last night."

"You're a loser."


Theodore Roosevelt - A well endowed man.


William Harrison - A guy who doesn't last long in the sack.


George W. Bush - A guy who lies to get his High School girlfriend in the sack, sleeps with her, and then doesn't know what to do once she gets pregnant.


"Trust me, you can't get pregnant the first time."


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