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Sorority Girl ostracized for not having an Eating Disorder

Los Angeles, California - You would think that 20 year old Sarah Telarian has it all. She's cute, gets good grades, and is in the most popular sorority on campus here at UCLA - Delta Epsilon. Unfortunately for Sarah, however, she is being ostracized for not having an eating disorder, as do the majority of her sorority sisters.

"It just sucks. I mean, I don't even have anything against having an eating disorder, I just happen to have a high metabolism." That high metabolism has proven to be a blessing and a curse for the 20 year old sophmore from San Diego.

Sarah has repeatedly not been asked to accompany fellow sorority sisters on trips to the bathroom for purging sessions. "I realize I don't make myself throw up", said Sarah, "but I could at least be invited into the bathroom with them and hold their hair back when they throw up.

Being left out of numerous eating disorder related activities has created a distance between Sarah and her sorority sisters.

"It's just hard to be one of the girls when your constantly by yourself in the kitchen eating. And what makes it worse is that I have to hear it from both sides. When I eat some chips, the anorexic girls yell at me, and then when I don't throw them up, the bullemic girls yell at me for not purging. I'm really thinking about de-pledging."

Calls to the sorority went unanswered, but an anonymous source from within the sorority had this to say:

"We really don't have anything against Sarah. We actually think she's really cool. But we're not going to change our eating habits, or lack thereof, just because she's feeling left out. We have a fraternity formal next week with Beta and it's even extra important that we look good. It's a barn dance and no one wants to look like a pig. haha get it? a pig? in a barn?!"


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